About US

American Global Liquidators,

is a wholesale liquidator but more so “processors” of merchandise.
We differ from most companies since we make and build our own products from a variety of different contracts with Department Stores and Major online retailers.

Our pallets are unique and only offered by us.
Throughout the years, we have been able to come up with a sorting and processing system that has allowed us to create a large variety of different programs that work for all types of buyers with all sorts of reselling channels.

Our products are unique and created in a manner than ensures there is plenty of profit built in for our buyers to be successful.
We believe in being a pivotal contributor to your success.
We are different because we care and remember what is I like to be lied to,

to not know any better, and to purchase from the wrong company.

We have never forgotten where we started and always reflect on how far we’ve come and continue to grow our business with the premise of carrying on with the highest level of integrity, honesty, communication, customer service, and products.
Please let us know how we can become your partner and assist in growing your business!